Tuesday, April 11, 2006

School holidays, ya gotta love em

That time is here again, the school holidays. So in the morning we pack up the car - shoving junk in for all we are worth until we can squeeze the doors shut, strap the tent to the roofrack and venture off to the coast for six days of camping. Hopefully there will still be a site available for us as there are no bookings taken in the spot we are heading for.

Six days with the kids and the husband, and no access to electronic devices ie computers, televisions or microwaves, not to mention no running water - I must be mad.

Well heres hoping the weather is good, I will be back in a week or so :-)


Wendi said...

oh my I just realized this was a new post and now your off on your vacation!

Hope all goes well... I HATE camping!! I am just not a wilderness kind of girl. Well maybe if I had one of those luxury campers I might consider it.

Zara said...

Have a blast! We want to go camping this weekend, too, if the weather cooperates.