Thursday, October 6, 2005

New Look

After accidently finding a site with some templates for blogging I decided to try a new look. I like it. I downloaded the template from Caz, check out her blog here if you like it.

I have not gone through and finished updating the links and such as time is short today and it is First sons birthday. I still cant get me head around the fact that I am the mother of a ten year old boy! That makes me feel my age a little.

Had the conversation with the kids today, quite hilarious really, it came about quite by accident, and I found out that Number One Son, James, knows quite a bit more about how babies are made than I realised. DD, Jane, spied a box of tamp0ns sitting on the fridge and asked what that pink box was for, so I started the explaining about p3riods in the most simple manner I could. Jane is only seven so I did not think she needed much, part way through my explanation James chimes in about how babies grow from an egg and a sp3rm from the mum and the dad, you know the whole conception idea... thankfully no one asked exactly how the egg and the sp3rm got together as I dont think Jane or 3 year old Joan are quite ready for that explanation, but I do think I will need to talk to James in the near future to check out exactly how much he does know LOL.

James has two friends coming over for dinner tonight, then staying for a sleepove which should prove noisy, we got him a new bike for his birthday, but unfotunately the man about the house has not been about the house long enough to finish assembling the bike, so he wont be able to use it until the weekend. And dont think I am impressed with man not about the house, we have had the bike in the garage for over a week, but he is too caught up in his own concerns to spare a thought for any one else at the moment. I think he has definitely forgotten what it feels like to be ten and to have a birthday, I remember the excitement, when you did not have to patience to wait another week to be able to ride your new bike. I am V cranky with him right now, and not sure if I will be ready to forgive him in a short space of time.

The weekend camping trip was great, will post more about that later once I have some photos to go with it, the only sour point was after we came home, an argument, which is still unresolved three days later kind of took some of the shine off the weekend.

More later.


ms ralph said...

Thank you so much for you lovely comments you leave for me. I've been given a lot to think about and re-evaluate lately. I also think you are right about one thing, if I were someone else in my life I'd be much nicer and forgiving than I am now. Thanks again. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, I love camping but mr. ralph is not so fond of it. :)

Mia Goddess said...

Joc ~ Birthdays are fun! Uh, so is talking about the birds and the bees...haha! My five year old still has very mixed understandings ~ his baby came from mommy's tummy, and it "eats mommy". Niiiiice!

I like the new 'do, btw. Are you still doing karate?
~ Mia