Wednesday, October 12, 2005

just does my head in

Well my whole weight loss effort has fallen flat... Two weeks ago a friend and I talked about losing 10kg before Christmas, personally I would have been happy to make it 8kg, and since then I have not been able to stop eating! The whole pschology of this just does my head in. I want to lose the weight, I agree on a plan, then I stuff it completely, and on what? things that I dont even really like that much. I have been in sugar overload, which we all know makes you feel like crap, and I cant seem to fill the empty pit inside me.

Today I started the day differently, instead of my usual muesli I had a tub of yoghurt and fruit, then a piece of fruit a little later. It is now 11.00am and I am not feeling hungry, YAY. I guess I will need to experiment a little and work out what is going to work for me these days.

On the exercise front things are looking OK, Saturday was 1.5hrs of Karate, Sunday we gardened for four hours (got the veggies in the ground) Monday I did pump, Tuesday 1 hr of Karate, and today I am getting my bike out, strapping Joan into the baby carrier (she is now 4 not a baby, but I can still sit her there) then riding to a friends house. Then we will walk to school to collect the older kids, walk back to her place, then I will ride home with Joan, and she will drop Jane and James over a little while later. This evening there is another 1 hr of Karate training. Tomorrow is pump again, then I just have to work out what I will do on Friday, to make an entire week of exercising daily.

Unfortunately I rolled my ankle at Karate two weeks ago, it turned purple, then yellow and swelled up like a tennis ball. The swelling has gone down a lot, and the bruising is fading, but it is still hurting, and painful to press on the ankle bone. I had wanted to start the C25K program again this week, but I might just give it a few more days and see how the ankle progresses.

Karate has been a bit slow lately, I dont feel like I have been progressing very much, I have spoken to some of the more experienced members in our training sessions, and they have all assured me that they have experienced the same kind of thing, at first it is all hard, then you suddenly get it, and it becomes easier, then you find out that what you GOT, you need now to change because it is not as simple as it was first taught to you as... what the...? I guess it is like anything, you start out and its hard, you get going and things are great, then you hit a plateau that you have to work your way through - so right now I think I am on the Karate plateau. The funny thing is when I hit a weight loss plateau I feel like giving up, in fact often I do, but this Karate plateau seems more like a phase that I have to go through, but I dont have the urge to give up, I am just more determined to train harder and get over it. If only I could work through the weight loss like it was karate.


dena said...

Sound like you're doing a pretty good job with the weight loss. Exercising, moving around is a big part of it. Hang in there, and don't worry about losing weight. Focus more on not gaining. it makes it less of a defeat.

MissMeliss said...

I echo what Dena said.

Also, I stopped by to thank you for visiting my site. Will definitely be back.