Friday, February 4, 2005

Pain and shopping, do they go hand in hand?

OMG the pain....

Went back to the gym yesterday after six weeks break.

OMG the pain...

and I know tomorrow will be worse, as I usually dont get bad until day two or three. Thankfully by Monday the pain will be gone again, then I will be at the gym again to start it all over.... no it will never be as bad again, at least not until I stop for another six week break. I always say I will keep going through the summer break, but it just seems such a hassle taking all the kids to the creche, especially when we would not otherwise be going out.

Had a shocker eating day on Wednesday, which sort of continued a bit yesterday although not quite as bad. Thankfully today I have things back under control. If I do that too often I will end up gaining on my first bootcamp weigh in instead of losing.

Went shopping this morning and spent too much money at Target getting new clothes for the kids. I still have more to get too, but I just could not look around any longer, I was getting too frustrated. What is it with my three year old that she thinks evertime I start browsing she can just wander off and browse too, I mean really!

Luckily this afternoon I dont have to go and pick up the kids from school as they both have play dates with friends. So I can fool around here for another hour or two before they come home. I want to try and upload some photos so thats what I will experiment with now.

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