Thursday, April 14, 2011

The grunt years

Many years ago I gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. He was the light of my life, he always had something interesting (well he thought it interesting) to share with me, he laughed a lot, he even thought I was funny. He loved hanging out with me, he like to bring his friends home to meet me.

Recently that boy went missing. In his room there is another boy who lives there, he answers almost all enquiries with a grunt or meh or whatev', and heaven forbid his friends coming to our house, or even meeting us. All the experts say that I can expect this boy to live in my boy's room for about two or three years, then my old boy will in all likelihood come back.

Universe, if you are listening, I am praying for patience. Really. Praying. Hard !! I long for the day when I ask "how was your day Mate?" and get more than a grunt in reply ;)

Nobody warns you about teenagers when you decide to have a baby, I guess if they did people might be less interested in the whole affair :)


Kai said...

I'm in the midst of my 3rd teenager... and I always tell people that the best form of contraception is to live with a person through the teen years. No The world would have a negative population growth very quickly! I so "get" it. This is the time of life where a parent learns a lot of lessons in patience, tongue-biting and "letting go" a little. Hugs! It'll get better. It'll take a few years... but it will! :)

Trish said...

We are seeing glimpses of this occasionally in our 13yo daughter. I think I will be able to survive the next decade (our other daughter is 10) if the girls, at the very least, continue to be respectful and polite. I understand that it's going to be difficult but I won't put up with blatant rudeness.

Am I asking too much??