Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High School

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Its amazing to me that it is time for you to start high school already, surely you are only in Year 1 or Year 2? High School, wow, what blows me away is that I remember so clearly my own first day of high school. I remember the aprehension, and the excitment. I remember meeting new friends, and getting lost trying to find the right classroom. I remember catching the bus and the train for the first time.

But most of all I remember saying goodbye to my mum in the morning and seeing the look on her face as I stepped on to the train. I can only imagine the same look was on my face as you left the driveway this morning. And, I imagine the same look will be on your face the day you watch your beloved child take the next big step in their lives independent from you. You will look proud, but, you'll also have that tiny sense of sadness about you when you realise that your baby is growing up so fast.



Marilyn said...

She's a pretty girl with a beautiful smile and after all she's your daughter and will do just fine.


Laurie said...

She is so pretty and looks so ready! She will do fine, and so will mum! :)
Hang in there, Joc!

farabee said...

What a precious daughter. We feel your pain, Mum!

senovia said...

What sweet words for your daughter! She's beautiful. :)