Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One little word progress

So I narrowed down my goals for this year into 10 general areas, in keeping with my word SIMPLIFY, and now that it is February I thought it would be good to look back at the last month and see how I went.

I want to exercise more.
Good progress here, I have done heaps of walking, which is simple and free, and am now back in the saddle of 6am rising followed by 30-45 mintues walking with my husband.

I want to spend more quality time with my kids and my husband.
Again I am doing pretty well here. I walk with my husband every day and we talk, uninterrupted by the kids. We are also getting to bed earlier most nights which leads to... being less tired and grumpy with each other so spending more time together (I know what you were thinking people!!). I am also using the time in the car to talk to the kids to find out what is on their minds. We also went camping together as a family for a week - really great quality time hanging out at the beach and around the campsite together.

I want to read more books.
I am reading for 20 minutes each evening before turning the lights out.

I want to finish my course and get my Bookkeeping Certification.
Fail. Have not done any study in January, this is one I really need to focus on in February.

I want to take more photos.
Project 365 alive and well. A photo a day, but most days it has been 15 - 20 photos a day.

I want to scrap more pages.
Have only scrapped two pages in January, both of them Project 365 pages. I am aiming for more in February, more P365 of course, but a page for each person in the family, and a camping trip wrap up would make me happy.

I want to write here more often.
UM, ok not so good here, but in my defence I was away for over a week, and I had intenet ish-ews for over a week too. February things will be different lol.

I want to declutter my house, and simply things around my home.
Hmmm OK that's another one to focus on in Feb.

I want to keep in better contact with family and friends.
Better but not great. We spent two days with BIL and his family at the coast, we had the in laws over for tea, we had good friends over for tea, but I only talked to my sisters once and my mum twice.

Funny as I was writing this it really helped me see the areas in my life that I am not paying quite enough attention to. I guess that is why it is recommended you write your goals down and review them regularly, now I know why goal setting has never worked real well for me in the past. Its not enough to just have goals, you have to constantly know what they are and where you are in relation to them - der... You can stop laughing at me now, I get it now lol.

So it looks like February will be about studying, scrapping, decluttering and blogging to improve things.


Amy said...

Well, at least you've got a plan - that's one step ahead of me ;-)
I need to work on the less tired and grumpy part - I always start with good intentions, keeping calm etc but things just seem to get under my skin ... more sleep, I know!

Jenny said...

Joc, I like your idea of revisiting your goals. You're right it's not good enough to just write them, they can be quickly forgotten. Bummer about your internet issues, it's a pain when things go wrong.

The Candid Bandit said...

Joc, I Love your blog. It is visually beautiful, for a taurean like me ;)

You write so beautifully.

You write in a way I can read. Simple. Concise. Ordered. Visually gorgeous.

Just wanted to tell you that.


Anonymous said...

I think you're off to a good start. This is a post I've been thinking about doing myself. I made myself a spreadsheet to keep tracy of my intentions. Every night I quickly checked off the areas I'd worked in. It really helped me see the areas I wasn't getting to at all. The last two or three years, I've had good intentions that just went nowhere. I'm determined to do better this year.

Jocelyn said...

Trying to reply to comments left here, if you have an email address attached to your profile I will use it, otherwise I will reply here.

Candid: thanks for your lovely comments about my blog, they put a smile on my face which stayed there for ages.

Karen: I know exactly what you mean about good intentions, I am all about good intentions that usually go nowhere too, but I am slowly trying to change that - one day at a time :)