Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm back...

Actually I got back on Sunday, and today is Friday, but, its not my fault that I didn't update here, really, truly, I promise. I have been having internet troubles - yuk.

How sad we are that both myself and my husband jumped on to the computer fairly quickly on Sunday after we arrived home. I managed to start my email, download 288 messages, open my blog reader ... then... nothing! Nothing for five whole days aaarrrggg!

Keeping my fingers crossed that things are back on track, I cant go through that type of frustration again, I might hurt someone.

Camping was lovely, we got all dirty, salty and suntanned, we came back relaxed (which was instantly eradicated due to aforementioned internet ish-ews) and wishing we could have been away for longer. No falling trees this time, no injuries or illnesses, just lots of fun.

I took a stack of photos which I am editing and will post when they are ready.

Getting back to work has been not so fun, and I think the kids would probably say getting back to school was not so fun either, but life goes on. The girls have great teachers this year, and we are looking forward to a great year for them, especially for Sweetpea as it is her last year of primary school. My son was almost keen to go back to school as he is in Year 9, and the Prime Minister promised to give kids in year 9 a laptop, so he will head of to school eagerly until it arrives, then no doubt he will want to stay home and play on it all day lol.

He is not the only one getting a laptop this year, lucky little me is also getting one!!! yay yay yay, I have been wanting one for ages so I can locate myself around the house depending on what is going on in different rooms. Cool.

I will get back to editing photos (and doing all the boring things that I have to do too lol)  and I will get some pictures up very soon.

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Amy said...

Sounds like a great time away - I know what you mean about ish-ews, had them yesterday .... we are both scrabbling for the computer, luckily the kids are just a bit too little to try and get in on the fun as well! We are in for trouble in years to come ;-)