Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wet Wombeyan

Hello my sad, neglected, little blog! I know you thought I had forgotten you, its not true I promise. I just got a little busy, a little sidetracked, with that... you know... facethingy place. You are still my first love, and I know I said I was never going to go to that facethingy place, but it was kind of hard to resist. So sorry for neglecting you, I promise to do better in future.

So, lately, well I have been camping in the school holidays. We have had more rain this Spring than I can remember having for quite a while, so of course it was the perfect time to go camping, not. I give you Exhibit A:

Exactly what you want to see outside your tent in the morning :-)

1 comment:

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Nice to see a post from you - miss seeing you around blogland - but know exactly what you mean about FB!!