Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Those pics I was promising

A few posts back I mentioned pictures, and because I am stuffed today, I will just give you a picture post rather than trying to think of coherent sentences ;-)

Lovingly hand made invitations to my baby's birthday party (slapped together after nearly a bottle of wine, I was lucky they had the right details on them lol)

My "baby" posing with the party food in her brand new party dress (Thanks Grandma!)and a lovely necklace made for her by her big sister. We had fairy bread, cupcakes, popcorn, party pies, sausage rolls, freddo frogs, m and m's, and a yummy chocolate cake with yellow icing - her choice, and these really cool little butterflies made of icing that you can get in the supermarket, made by Greens. YUM. She had the time of her life.

The manchurians pears lining the street where I go for my daily walk. They were all in blossom two weeks ago, now it looks like there is snow on the ground where all the petals have fallen. We have just planted one of these trees in our back yard, I cant wait till it gets as big as these, probably only have to wait about ten years lol.

The path leading back to our house. Its really nice to live in a place that feels like the country, but with all of the good things a city has to offer as well.

Just one of the 133 photos my middle child took of our dog a few weekends ago when she had custody of my camera.



Shauna said...

COOL! I could just dive into that cake...

And I love your dog's golden eyebrows :)

lisa jane said...

She is just delicious!

Miss Beck said...

I loved looking at where you live. So beautiful.

Your dog is wise and I think it winked at me.

Gosh you make such nice things -invites, cakes, goodies and that beautiful daughter. :)