Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Runners Up

Thanks for the good vibes for my son's football grand final. Unfortunately they were not the best team on the day. They were beaten by a better side, but they could all hold their heads up at the end of the day for the effort they put in.

The proudest moment of the day for me was seconds after the final whistle blew, I knew my son was disappointed, but he turned straight to the boy he was playing against and held out his hand to say congratulations, then continued around the field and shook hands with every other boy on the opposing team.

I am not sure quite how I managed it, but I somehow did something right with that one ;-) Man I love that kid!


Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

No wondere you were so proud - it's great to see kids who have been brought up to be good sportsmen. You've done well!

Sue said...

I do love good sportsmen!
What a shame they lost, but just getting to a final is a great result.

cranky said...

Ah, good on your son! Bless him! He'll have all the ladies chaasing him if the manners continue...although that thought might stress you out! lol!

Have you been reading the tabloid reports of the SATC movie? I can't wait! I loved that show...I've seen every episode twice.