Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm it!

Ok I've been tagged by the fabulous Zanna.

Aim of the game is a one word response - so here goes

1. Where is your cellphone? Desk

2. Relationship? Challenging

3. Your Hair? Independant

4. Work? Interesting

5. Your Sister? Bestfriend

6. Your Favourite Thing? Camera

7. Your dream last night? Weird (there were bloggers in it ??)

8. Your Favourite Drink? Cowboy

9. Your Dream Car? Mazda6

10. The room you are in? Office

11. Your Shoes? Comfortable

12. Your Fears? Snakes

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Travelling

14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family

15. What are you not good at? Decisions

16. Muffin? Maybe (if it has chocolate or blueberries)

17. Wish list item? DigitalSLR

18. Where you grew up? Sydney

19. The last thing you ate? Toast

20. What are you wearing? Jumper (its really cold here)

21. What are you not wearing? bikini (like I said its really cold here)

22. Your pet? Dog (Milo)

23. Your computer? Lifeline

24. Your life? Evolving

25. Your mood? Tired

26. Missing? Sophie (lives on other side of the country)

27. What are you thinking about? Holidays

28. Your Car? Big

29. Your kitchen? Comfort

30. Your summer? Camping

31. Your favourite colour? pinkpurplegreen (OK just call me indecisive)

32. Last time you laughed? Today

33. Last time you cried? Tuesday(Close friend had baby placed with her for adoption after 2 year wait)

34. School? Fun

35. Love? Family

So now who am I going to tag - I think nearly everyone I read has already done this, so I wont tag anyone, but if you havent done it, you're it, leave me a comment to let me know if you decide to have a go?


1 comment:

Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

Can see that you liked my definition of 'oneword' so much that you adopted it a few times yourself!! Thanks for participating - always nice to know you a little better.