Monday, April 30, 2007

Feeling better now

Thanks so much for your kind words, it helped me feel a little more normal and a little less neurotic lol to know there are other people who understand those feelings. Its funny the power of putting your thoughts out there though, once they are out of my head and in writing it allows me to stop stressing over the thoughts relentlessly, and just get on with things.

This morning I took him to the bus, all of his mates were waiting for him, he was really excited, and his teachers were all acting so normally it was easy to let go. A sign of how much closer he is to being a teenager was the fact that he grudgingly hugged me goodbye, rather than giving a heartfelt hug, but I guess a guy has to keep face in front of his mates ;-)

All of the excitement of the morning rubbed off on me a bit too, I could feel it in the air, I dont think too many of them got a good nights sleep last night, all too busy anticipating the big day. I am just glad that I wont have to spend the next four hours on the bus with them - I'd need a va1ium after that for sure!

The weekend here was really laid back, and we had RAIN! I had forgotten how lovely it was to stay inside with a good book while the rain slides down the windows outside.

Today I am volunteering in my daughters kindergarten class. I have twenty two cute little kits all made up on my scrapping desk, and KE are making Mothers Day cards after lunch today. I tried to keep the design really simple, but still cute, so hopefully they will like it. My daughter is really excited about me coming in to her classroom, so at least one of my children still wants to be known to me in public lol.

Better go now, I have lots of blog reading to catch up on before I head out. Will post pictures tomorrow of the cards we make today.



Amanda said...

Your daughter is going to have such a great time with you at Kindergarten!I still have vivid memories of my Dad playing the bagpipes for my preschool class, and my mum playing the piano once, and volunteering for computer duty (back in the days when computers were so foreign that even my mum, who has NO computer skills was better than the 5/6 year old kids). The Mum playing the piano instance could be a created memory though, I'm not sure about it... your daughter is going to love it.

Not to mention your son- remember how much fun you had on school camps? Can't wait to hear that he's had a ball!

Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

Glad you're feeling less stressed now and how exciting for the kindy kids to be making your special Mothers Day cards - and how special for your daughter to have HER mum coming to do this.
Take care
Z xx

Cinders said...

Good to hear you're a little more de-stressed. I struggled with Josh going on his first excursion last week to Puffing Billy (old steam train) and he was only gone for 6 hours..