Friday, April 27, 2007


You know that feeling... tight chest, rapid breathing, rolling stomach, quicksilver thoughts, and that general feeling of not feeling right?

I cant seem to shake it this week. I have spend ages each night struggling with it before falling asleep, then it is there again when I wake for just a split second before the morning mayhem starts. My son is going to school camp next Monday. He will be gone for five days and four nights. That is the longest he has ever been away from home, ever. And I am not coping with it quite as well as I thought I would.

Up until now each time he has stayed away from home he has been only a few streets away, or with his grandparents. This time he will be two hours drive away, with people I dont know, and with a couple of teachers from his school and his friends.

He is so excited, and I wish that I could share that with him, but its so hard letting go, he's my first born.

I know its stupid to get this anxious about it, and I know kids do this all the time, and they have a great time, and they come home safely, and I am being a big wuss, so feel free to tell me to take a deep breath and get a grip, because I have been saying the same thing to myself all week :) and if you feel so inclined send out a thought to the universe that my boy has the best time at camp and comes home safely. Thanks.


Kate said...

I am sure he will have a great time and come back safely just like thousands of kids like him all around the world.. but.. I understand, I would feel the same.
I have felt the same the few times I have had Amelia stay overnight somewhere.

Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

You poor thing - it does get better but it's always such a big step to let go a bit - but every time it happens it gets a bit easier and the thing about boys (not sure about girls as I don't have any) is that growing up they seem to appreciate you giving them their space to fly and the wonderful thing is that they then fly back regularly to catch up with mum - no matter how old they get. But all that's a long way away - so just concentrate on getting through the next few days and welcoming back a child who's grown up a little bit more and developed more life skills and therefore greater self esteem and self worth. And that's without doubt the greatest gift you can give your child. Take care

W. said...

I cried the first time my eldest dd went to camp a couple of years ago. I couldnt see through my tears where she ended up sitting on the bus, and so I was just waving madly at anything! Hope I didnt embarrass her (I must ask her!). Obviously she came back safe, and was so happy - it was nice to hear her stories.

DI -SYDNEY said...

I can understand completely. My son is 11 and has only slept over at friends places nearby. He went to camp in year 4 for 1 night and his dad went as a parent helper. Then year in 5 the school went to Canberra for 2 nights and the school asked my husband to help again! They both had a blast and my husband enjoyed getting to know all his friends and the other kids that he talks about. We have said that this year he will need to go with the school without his Dad. They are going to Hill End for 2 nights in August, but alrady he is asking if his Dad will go too! Its funny even though or maybe because my husband went too I felt stressed out and missed them so much. Home just wasn't the same. My younger son and I had planned fun things to do together, but really we weren't in the mood.
Gosh listen to me ramble and I'm supposed to be making you feel better. I don't think I have.
Oh well just know theres someone out there less prepared for her sons to grow up than you.
Have a great weekend

The BlogHore said...

We are thinking about sending my daugher (9) to sleep-over Brownie camp this summer. I think it will be good for her and me. But I'm already expecting to be awake for that week and nervous and twitchy. Then she'll come home and she'll be happy and excited and I'll think what a silly goose I was for worrying so much.