Saturday, November 5, 2005

Meal replacement?

I am thinking about using EasyS1im or OptiS1im or some other meal replacement thing for the next few weeks while I am still not able to exercise. I am spending so much time sitting on my behind these days that I am feeling like I am fatter even though I am not ... yet. So I thought the meal replacement thing might be a good way to keep the calories under control. I will probably only do it on the weekdays, and try and eat normal meals on the weekends as Brett hates those meal replacement things, and thinks I should not do them. Normally I would agree with him, but right now I am desperate, I just dont want to put on heaps of weight while I am waiting for my knee to heal. I also think if I lose a bit more weight it might put less strain on my knee while it is recovering.

Anyway something to think about for the next few days. I am so bored of being in this house anything that takes my mind of things for a while is exciting LOL.


Mia Goddess said...

You are a better woman than I will ever be.

ms ralph said...

Hi. Thanks for being so supportive of me lately. I need it. Also, if you think it would be easier to have meal replacements than having to figure out what foods to eat, then you should.