Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Lost Weeks

Hmm something weird seems to have happened. I looked at the calendar this morning and its the 30th March! wth? Surely not, there must have been some mistake, it must be closer to maybe March 21st?

I hate how that happens, I think I am on top of things, and wake up to find out that somehow I have misplaced two weeks (sometimes more). I am trying really hard to remember what happened in those lost weeks, but cant come up with much. The only occassion of note was our 16th wedding anniversary. Luckily for me it was the most important occasion in said lost weeks, so its good that I can at least rememer that ;)

This year we stayed in and ate at home. My Delicious magazine featured an article on Rachel Allen, and Irish woman, who cooks. I think I may well become addicted to her because I used some of her recipes for our meal, and it was the best. Ever.

We started with little bruschetta style things, thinly sliced, toasted baguette pieces, topped with an olive and caper tapenade, then slices of tomato and bocconcini with a little basil. To. Die.For. alongside a G&T, so so good.

Next up was a baked salmon with tomato and avocado salsa and aspargus spears. Wish I'd eaten it slower just to make it last for longer. I ate slowly as it was, but I could have had that experience for many more hours without tiring of it.

Then we finished with Chocolate Creme Brulee. Only I don't own a kitchen blowtorch thingy to cook the top with, so we had to place the brulees under a hot grill till the sugar melted.. and well lets just say that now I am getting a kitchen blow torch thingy because they would have been heaps better if I had one, and the brulees were good enough to justify having a blow torch to use even if it were only once a year ;)

We had a lovely New Zealand Sav Blanc with our meal, and I had a lovely Peter Lehman Botrytis to go for after but I was so full I didn't even open it! So that is there for another day anyway. So like I said, I may have lost a few weeks, but the day I remember was pretty good. Brett and I both felt it was as good or better a meal as we would have had in a restaurant, and the kids joined us for desert after making themselves scarce for the main meal.

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