Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project 365 update

Last time I attempted project 365 I fell flat before May, this year I am happy to say I am still going strong in October. There were one or two weeks that may contain a couple of photos taken on the same day, but overall the photo a day thing has continued.

At first I really wanted to take superb photos every day, to finish up with an album of magical visual delights, but as the weeks went on I realised that not every photo is going to be a magical visual delight, in fact some photos will be downright near unprintable ;) Funnily though not all of my photos could be considered excellent from a technical or artistic persepective as I look back through them I am finding them quite magical. Its unlikely that anyone outside our family would see the magic, but for the five of us living in this house it is there.

It's there in the way it shows how many more freckles have appeared on small faces, or how much smaller the height difference is between a boy and his father, or the number of amazing faces one girl can make, or the love that three kids have for their dog, the magic in the garden that makes the hard work worth it, and the life experiences we face as a family.

I started out thinking that Project 365 would be an artistic endeavour, but found that approach made the whole task daunting, when I started shooting it as a labour of love, that's when I really appreciated the true value of Project 365.

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LisaTaz said...

Totally agree, Joc! I take all my P365 pics w/ my iPhone, so they certainly aren't technical masterpieces, but I love that they are a slice of life thru this year & I love that I wrote just a sentence or two about each one. I think it will be a treasure to look through after some time has passed.