Friday, April 30, 2010

Safe as houses...

Sometimes you see headlines in the paper like "Burglars thwarted by family dog" or "Family Dog protects home" but, with my dog its more likely to read "Guard Dog - I think not!!" lol

This morning I managed to drive up my driveway, walk through my side gate, cross the yard to the back door and open it and go inside without even a flicker of fur from my vicious attack guard dog!

Hope no one is relying on him to protect the family home lol

 Here is just one of the hundreds of photos of our dog that I downloaded from my p&s after my daughters had been using it for a weekend. Its probably lucky they love him!

1 comment:

Zanna, travelling tart said...

It may be that he recognises your car - Zanna knows about 5 cars and reacts while they're still at the end of the street - and he knows he doesn't need to do anything. But aren't dogs wonderful companions in this life! Zxx