Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little whinge

Why is it that the school sends home a letter telling me my daughter is to receive a special award on presentation day, and that due to lack of space in the school hall could parents consider that Years K to 2 will receive their awards in the first half of the assembly which starts at 9.30am, and years 3-6 will receive awards in the second half of the assembly due to finish at 11.00am (try 11.45am), that they then present in this order K, 5, 6 ... ???

Irritated? who me? Absolutely.

After six years at this school this is her first "big" award and she has worked so hard for it - and I MISSED IT when I arrived at 10.05am, then I got to watch all of years 2,3, and 4 receive their awards in the second half of the assembly - who cares!

So cranky about this!

Think I will go pour a G&T


MagicLady said...

OH NO!!! I'd be a little peeved (to say the least) too.

Poor love - did she notice you weren't there?

Babs xx (Shimelle's Classes)

Zanna, travelling tart said...

And I would be too! Zxx