Sunday, June 14, 2009

Olive Harvest

Right now my fingers are stained purple, and I have 4kg of kalamata olives soaking in my kitchen (thats about 1000 olives people).

Today we finally harvested our olives, and over the next couple of weeks we will soak them, place them in brine, preserve them and store them for future eating. Last years harvest was almost as big, but the quality of the olives this year is much better, and I am hoping that the final product will be better. Last years crop were a little hard and very bitter, this years crop are much plumper and juicier.

So hopefully in a few months time I can eat olives grown in my backyard. YUM.


green ink said...

Wow!! I love olives. The image of purple stained hands is very vivid :D

Are you going to flavour any of them - lemon, chilli, etc? Or just enjoy them in all their natural goodness?

Joc said...

About half will stay natural, the rest will be flavoured in a few different varieties. We have to wait about three months before we start eating them to let the flavours really sink in. Cant wait till the start of spring to see how they taste!