Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can anyone say mad crazy busy?

Because that is what I have been the last three weeks. The football season is up and running again, and this year we have netball added to the mix too. So three afternoons a week, and all day Saturday are devoted to the gods of sport! Then there are a couple of karate sessions thrown in there, three separate lots of music lessons, school work, homework, my work, his work, groceries, cooking, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, photography, scrapping, reading and sleeping.

And to think I know people who do much much more than I do... How on earth to they manage?

Hope you are all well


Kada said...

LOL Funny thing is, with only 7 and a bit weeks to go until I give birth, I'm already starting to wonder about all the things you were just talking about.
How does one juggle a schedule to fit in everything you want to do. A newborn is easy compared to what comes later!
It's hit me hard that there's going to be a third person/opinion to add to the mix, a unique individual that will have his/her own ideas about the way things should be and won't be afraid to express those needs.
We have all these plans for scheduling in water/pool/exercise time and grocery shopping etc...what if Kiddlywink doesn't play along? AHHH!

Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

But the great thing is how happy you sound! Remember those days well - I used to have one free evening every two weeks with the mix of all those things you talked about. But it's worth it and eventually you get to be like us - gadding off wherever you feel like it at the drop of a hat!! Take care lovely lady Z xx