Thursday, March 5, 2009


Just for Jenny here are the words to go with the pictures ;-)

The photos from the last post were taken one morning before heading out to school. I had a momentary lapse of memory, and couldn't recall if I had taken the customary first day of school shots. Silly me, of course I had, but as it turned out I liked the second shoot better than the first anyway, as the kids were more relaxed, and not worrying about which teachers they would have, and if they would be with their friends. After yesterday I will have to do another shoot, because both girls had their hair cut shorter and I want to capture their new looks (which although I am totally biased think look really really cute).

The frames I used on the photos are Viewfinder Frames from Paislee Press available at Oscraps, and right now I am really loving them, I am using them a lot, in fact you will probably see more of them on here a few more times, because they just really appeal to me. If you haven't checked out Paislee Press designs do yourself a favour, they are truly gorgeous.

I started with Project 365 this year, and most weeks have been fairly successful with remembering to take a photo each day. I have missed one or two days here and there, but then on other days have taken so many photos that I have still had enough relevant photos to fill each weeks layouts. Will post some of the layouts here when time is more permitting.

Life has been very busy, and I have been struggling to fit in the things that I want to do after all of the necessary stuff gets done. EG. I have started an online photography course with Proud Photography, and so far have only managed to complete the first on line lesson, and I am dying to get further into it, but every time I think I have enough time to sit down and take the next lesson someone else calls out "Muuuuumm I neeed .... (insert various items here)" and I am caught up in the whirlwind of family life again, just like that.

Its all good though.


Jenny said...

Thank you so much Joc. So lovely to hear that all's well in your household. Your life sounds full and busy. Hope you get time for that online class soon.

Is your blog from houseof3? It looks really pretty. I would like to try one, but haven't had much luck changing my template. Rhonna Farrer had one on her blog a little while back and when I followed her instructions, (I tried about six times) I ended up with a plain white blog!!

Joc said...

Hi Jenny, yes the blog couture is from House of 3, they have a set of instructions on the webite there to explain how to install it. It took me a few times before it worked.

I'm still not happy with the header part, but haven't had time to think about how to alter it to suit what I am after.

Thanks for checking in on me :-)