Wednesday, April 1, 2009


That's how many years it has been that you have been gone. I still miss you. I think of you often, but now after all this time I can do that without sadness. There is still a bittersweetness, I remember your laughter, your sense of humour, your empathy, your friendship, so many things, with a smile on my face. There is also a tinge of ... call it regret maybe, when I look at my kids and realise that they never had a chance to know you, and that you never had the chance to explore having your own family, and that you missed out on so many years of life, both the ups and downs.

I feel you with me sometimes, I still tell you things that I know you would want to hear, and I am sure you do. I believe you are happy, and so am I.

Rest well my beautiful Jane, long gone, but never forgotten xxx

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Jenny said...

That sounds like it was for a very special someone. I'm sorry for your grief.

I read this the other day, but didn't want to leave without some acknowledgment, so have come back.