Tuesday, November 25, 2008

25/11/08 Layouts

Here are a few more pages I have created in the last little while.

I cant remember whose digi elements I used in these pages, but some credit goes to Cathy Zielske, Jessica Sprague, Paisley Press and Ali Edwards for various items and inspirations.

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Jenny said...

Love reading your credits Joc - I'm the same, can't remember who's stuff was what in the end - too hard to keep track of, so I had a giggle when I read your credits. I love your layouts they are beautiful. In the last four weeks I haven't done much at all, a couple of paper layouts but no computer ones, and I haven't even printed out all my CZ notes, nor have I started SIH. Needless to say I will have loads to keep me busy over the Christmas holidays. Thanks for posting a link to this blog from your other one, because I didn't have it in my blog reader.

Love your high school photo - I need to do that too Joc - my parents still have all my childhood photos.

Hope you are well.