Monday, March 3, 2008

One little word, and a quick review

Yes, I am still here, I have been madly trying to organise things around here, and spending a bit of time catching up IRL with some people who are special to me.

Really enjoying only working three days a week, although I have been finding that I am achieving next to nothing most days. Its time for me to get a plan happening to make the most of the time I have been gifted with.

Last year I chose a word (a la Ali Edwards) for the year, my word was "create" my aims were to create more in my life. At the beginning of the year I had to choose a new word, and the word that popped into my head immediately was "time".

Last year time was at a premium, especially time for myself, me time. All of a sudden this year my work days have been cut down from five to three per week. I have been unexpectedly gifted with time. Time to do whatever I want with. This just confirmed to me that my choice of word for 2008, was the right choice.

I don't want to waste this time, it is too precious, something that I have really learned over the last 12 months. There is so much I want to do, to achieve. And it is really cool to put last years word and this years word together create + time. I am working on a plan that will create time for me and my family this year. It involves a lot of boring stuff like being organised, planning, having a schedule etc, but it makes me so happy when I do this and find that I have time to spare for the things and people I love. Plus by having more time, I am able to create more too!

I have just finished reading two books that have changed my way of thinking about my scrap booking. The Organised and Inspired Scrapbooker and The Big Picture. Anyone who scraps should check these out.

Also I finished reading The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by the Amazing Shauna, and the main thing I want to say about this right now is, if you haven't read it, do yourself a favour and DO IT! I wrote a book review in my head whilst lying in bed the night I finished it. The review was great, I commented on Shauna's bravery, her amazingness, her humour, her fabulousness, how her story touched me so deeply, but, when I woke up I just couldn't recreate it, and do it justice, so I will just say I LOVED IT! and you should read it.


Confused? S'ok just go with the flow, ;-)


Brandi said...

Good to see you again ... and I like the idea of a word, instead of a resolution. Nice.

Miss Beck said...

That is a great idea (word of the year). It would have helped you remain focussed on bringing creative time to your life and I've no doubt that you've cherished it and used it wisely.