Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You know what I hate?

When you have a great post in your head, you get it half written and then blogger eats it!!

Then when you go back and try to recreate it, it just doesn't work anymore, what sounded really great the first time around is so muddled, and in trying to remember things the ideas tumble one on top of the other and the message is just disappears...

Oh well, change of subject ;-)

You know when you watch movies, and you see people undercover, doing surveillance, spying on the bad guy? It all looks really cool and exciting. What a lie that is lol. I work for an investigator, we are currently doing a surveillance job (not me personally doing the surveillance, I work in the office collating the surveillance reports and the photos and video footage), man those reports are so boring!! "wait outside subjects house, light turns on in living room, light turns off in living room, light turns on in bathroom, dog barks..." All those years watching Magnum PI, I was lied to! but my boss does have a moustache just like Magnum so maybe there was some truth to it lol.

Enough rambling from me, have a good day. xxx


Brandi said...

Shew, thanks for the dose of reality! I had thought for a time that it might be fun to work for an investigator, LOL ... and my father actually is planning to "one day" start his own private investigation firm. Then again, I'd have wanted to be one of the actual crew, the ones that get in on the action, LOL. And we were thinking more along the lines of bondsmen and bounty hunting. Exciting? I'd like to think.

Oh well, it doesn't matter now, because being a mom and engaged-chick-soon-to-be-wife has me busy enough. Besides, I've decided to be a novelist instead.

And yes, I promise that my "work" writing is much better than my conversational writing, LOL ...

Miss Beck said...

Is that so?

My girlfriends husband has been cheating on her for the longest time. Out in the open, but she STILL won't believe any of us simply because he says it isn't so.

We asked what it would take for her to leave him and she said "To know they are together".

for the record, staying at her house every saturday night for a year, going away for romantic weekends, buying her jewellery and very expensive gifts, whispering on the phone, losing interest in sex with your wife and other stuff is generally a nice starting point

Another friend of ours said "Right! I'll be your private investigator".. it's taken 3 weeks but she finally caught them out kissing at the front of the other woman's house.

Why am I telling you this? Im not quite sure. LOL