Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Falling out of love...

Its hard to say this out loud (OK well in type) but I think I am falling out of love...

With Greys Anatomy.

I devoured the first season, waited impatiently for the second, then the third, but you know what? I am not sure I want to watch the next one. While the third season started out all right, it has for me gone badly down hill towards the end.

There have been moments that I loved. Alex and Addison - loved it. When Meredith died and we hear from Denny about how he still feels Izzie, then at the end of the episode, she feels him too - loved it.

I think it was the right time for Ellis Grey to die, and for Meredith to start to move on.

I LOOOOOOVE McSteamy, and toward the end of the season he seems more like a real person.

I also LOVE Bailey, she has got to be the best character in the entire show, she is the voice of reason, the seemingly unassailable, but she has an empathy, compassion and vulnerability that she allows to show here and there.

I am so over Mer and Der. I love McDreamy, but he needs to see that Meredith is so not right for him, he cant save her from herself, he needs to get out.

But the thing that has ruined it for me is the George/Izzie/Callie thing. I mean George. If you were looking for a leading man to put into a love triangle would you really think George?!? Well I wouldn't. I just cant see a girl like Izzie being infatuated with George, and I cant see a girl like Callie being infatuated with him either. Both of them are successful, independent, gorgeous women, and he... well he is just George. Sorry people I am just not believing this one. I don't see any chemistry, I cant be convinced that this is right. I think Katherine Heigle is doing a fantastic job as Izzie don't get me wrong, but the idea is just not believable for me.

And as for Christina - what has happened to you? From the irritating, know it all, tell it straight "surgeon" to, to ... I cant even describe it, but I don't like it.

I hope they resolve these situations early in the next season, because it is killing the love for me.


Mish said...

I agree totally! The whole George & Izzie thing has really put me off it all. Also, I agree with Christina, she is annoying me as is Burke.

Jenny said...

I agree totally too. I used to watch BB and read at the same time - and then forget to change channels, and actually forgot about Grey's. A gf watches it religiously (after I got her hooked lol) and she was talking about it, so I decided to start watching it again. Mmmmm, I couldn't believe that George was with Callie, and the arrogance of Cristina really irks me. McDreamy is mcyummy, but he and Meredith don't work. Funnily enough I quite like Addison and Alex, both of whom I didn't like at the start of the series. I wonder what the spinoff show will be like.

Teresa said...

I share your sentiments. Just started watching it last summer in reruns. This year found it totally annoying.